Buckwheat Rice

Buckwheat rice can be divided into sweet buckwheat rice and bitter buckwheat rice. The color of sweet buckwheat rice turns white when it is made into food, while the bitter buckwheat rice turns yellow-green after it is made into food. In terms of taste, sweet buckwheat rice has no special taste; while bitter buckwheat rice has a poor taste, it can clear heat and detoxify. Buckwheat rice has the effect of clearing bowels, lowering cholesterol and so on. Prevention of thrombosis: Buckwheat rice contains magnesium and rutin, which can improve platelet activity and prevent thrombosis. Rich in magnesium, it can promote the dissolution of human fibrin, dilate blood vessels, inhibit the formation of blood clots, and has anti-embolism effect, which is conducive to lowering blood cholesterol. At the same time, it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, antitussive and antiasthmatic, expectorant effects, and also has the effect of lowering blood sugar. Jilin Youmi Agric…


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