Feyvan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


33-8 Zhayan North Road 225300, Taizhou, China

Feyvan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company that providing wiring solution ways of home appliance, sensor, numerical control machine tool fitting, rotary encoder, motor, automotive and medical instrument etc. The wire harness factory (called BOTAI) locates in Taizhou city and sensor factory locates in Zhenjiang (called BOYUAN) which is only about 300km away from Shanghai city in China. Feyvan Electronics is not only a manufacturer which designs and produces different kinds of wire harnesses, customized cables, NTC thermistors and temperature sensors, but also a distributor which provides numerical control machine tool fittings and supporting facilities and other electrical equipments and components. Products have been exported to USA, UK, India, etc. NTC sensors is widely used in temperature measurement for induction cooker, rice cooker, microwave oven, water machine, heater, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, coffer machin, medical…

Cylinder Sensor Surface Mounting Sensor Mirco-probe Sensor Epoxy Resin Coated Thermistor CNC Splitter Module Other Cable Assembly Rotary Encoder Wire Automotive Cable Assembly Glass Encapsulated Thermistor Bullet Sensor Digital Code Rotary Switch Sensor Wire Screw Thread Sensor Relay Module Machine Operation Panel

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