Black Beans

Black beans are a kind of bean food with particularly high nutritional value. The protein content is 36%, which is easy to digest and is of great significance to meet the needs of the human body for protein; the fat content is 16%, mainly containing unsaturated fatty acids, and the absorption rate is as high as 95%. In addition to meeting the body's need for fat, it also has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol; black beans are rich in vitamins, egg yolk and melanin and other substances, of which B vitamins and vitamin E are high in content, which has nutritional and health care effects. Black beans also contain Abundant trace elements are essential to maintain the integrity of the body's functions, delay the aging of the body, reduce blood viscosity, and meet the needs of the brain for trace substances. Jilin Youmi Agricultural and Sideline Products Import and Export Co., Ltd. focuses on building a green base, builds a characteristic industrial chain, deepens the channel…


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