Peanut Or Cashew

Peanut rice, also known as peanut seeds, is a nut food with high fat and high calorie characteristics. It is also rich in nutrients such as protein, lecithin, minerals and vitamins. Peanuts are rich in linoleic acid, which can promote the decomposition of cholesterol in the human body into bile acid, which is excreted with the body's metabolism and avoids the deposition of cholesterol in the body. Peanuts also contain a lot of lecithin, which helps lower serum cholesterol levels. Peanuts are high-calorie, high-protein, and high-fiber foods, which increase the satiety of the stomach. The satiety caused by peanuts is 4-5 times that of other carbohydrates, and the intake of other foods should be relatively reduced. Most of the fat in peanuts is unsaturated fatty acids, so eating peanuts raw will not make you fat. And peanuts contain a lot of trace elements such as catechin and lysine, which can delay aging; secondly, peanuts also contain a variety of amino acids, which can promote brain…


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