Premium Blend Soy Wax For Pillar Candle

The term "soy blend" is ambiguous but it does mean there is some soy wax in your candle and this has been blended with another kind. Paraffin is the most common kind of wax used in these blends as it's a consistent performer in candles though it has a terrible reputation. Soy blend candles are just that, a blend of soy wax and/or other different types of waxes/additives that can help capitalize on the benefits of two waxes or increased fragrance. While we cannot speak for all candles on the market, our soy blend candles are not toxic and produce little to no soot. Suggested Applications: All vessels and container where the wax stays in the vessel. Not suitable for pillars. Melting Temperature: Under gentle agitation, melt the wax to a minimum of 70°C. Pouring Temperature: Cool wax to 65 - 75°C then add fragrance oil and gently stir till combined. Pour immediately into candle vessel after adding fragrance oil. Pour at 65°C if no fragrance oil is added. Please…


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