Quinoa And Rice

Quinoa has anti -oxidation and anti -cancer effects. A variety of health effects, such as lowering blood sugar lipids and anti -inflammatory and antibacterial. Quinoa can also be used to make soy milk. When used for soymilk, you need to match an appropriate amount of soybean. Soak in the water for half an hour, put it directly into the soymilk machine, add an appropriate amount of water, connect the power supply to let the soy milk machine work, remove the soy milk, and add a small amount of sugar to season.The quinoa rice is rich in protein ingredients. They can provide 9 essential amino acids required for the body. If they can be used with other coarse grain grains, they can almost meet the body's needs for amino acids. For some vegetarians or friends who want to lose weight, they can choose to use quinoa rice. They can achieve the effect of quickly losing weight, constantly reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, and accelerate the speed of metabolism. Quinoa is al…


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