Hangzhou Saintish Technology Co.,Ltd.


A705 Science and Innovation Building,Qingshanhu Street, Lin'An., Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou Saintish Technology Co., Ltd., known as SNJO, is a high-tech company concentrating on providing the Australian and European markets with cost effective, high performance lithium batteries, inverters, energy storage systems and portable power stations. SNJO deeply cooperates with Zeus Appollo Solar which is located in Australia, and becomes a sister company of Zeus Appollo Solar. The products will be Zeus Appollo and Solarbatt brands for Australian market , in other markets the products will be SNJO and SNJO Power brands. With R&D and customer service center in Australia, SNJO continually provides products with the best cutting edge technology. All of our products are high quality and certified, strictly adhering to quality control and complying with Australian and European Standards. SNJO aims to offer the most reliable and innovative products to the customers. Furthermore, SNJO is willing to help people around the world to power their life whenever or wherever need…

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