YKK zipper rubber tooth zipper

What problems should we pay attention to when using glue tooth zipper? (1) The pulling force should not be too large; (2) When using the intubation and socket, insert the intubation into the bottom end of the socket cavity, and then pull the pull head; (3) For the zipper on the bag, when there are too many things, if the zipper is hard pulled when closing and closing, the zipper will suffer too much force, which will separate the teeth from the belt parts. Pull the left and right teeth of the zipper closer to make the chain head pass easily, and then close the zipper slowly.


YKK zipper metal gold copper closed tail zipper
YKK zipper metal Y-shaped tooth open zipper
YKK zipper metal bright light high-grade handbag zipper
YKK zipper metal copper open end zipper
YKK zipper metal gray ratchet open zipper
YKK zipper metal single opening garment zipper
YKK metal zipper pants placket zipper
Nylon zipper for YKK sporting goods ski suit
YKK zipper reverse nylon zipper pull head
Genuine YKK zipper 3 nylon zipper
YKK nylon zipper polyester close tail zipper head
YKK zipper closed tail reverse clothing zipper


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