Coca Cola Shape Disposable Vape Zgar Bar

ZGAR AZ CC VAPE are a new, innovative disposable vape that come in a colorful colors and offer tremendous amounts of flavor in every puff. This rechargeable disposable vape device is prefilled with 14ml of  vape juice and uses a 500mAh battery to provide up to 6000 puffs. This vapes also use 1.0-1.15 ohm, mesh coil for ultimate vaping satisfaction. Our products include disposable e-cigarettes, rechargeable e-cigarettes,  and various of flavors of cigarette cartridges.We have our own professional team and competitive quotations for any OEM or ODM works.  We supply OEM disposable vape pen,OEM disposable electronic cigarette,ODM disposable vape pen,ODM disposable electronic cigarette,OEM/ODM vape pen e-cigarette,OEM/ODM atomizer device. Our products include disposable e-cigarettes/vape, rechargeable e-cigarettes/vape,  and various of flavors of cigarette cartridges/vape and vape sticks/pens. Our aim is not to be the biggest but to b…


Germany hottest commodity!vape pen e-cigarette atomizer
2021 newest vape pen e-cigarette atomizer deivce
LEA BOX PRO disposable vape Zgar 5000 Puffs
Disposable Vape Authentic Coke Bottle Style 6000 Puffs
E-Cigarettes Disposable Vape Zgar Bar Device
Zgar Absolute Zero Disposable Vape 400 Puffs Pod
Absolute Zero Disposable Vape POD 400 puffs
Factory Wholesale Disposable Vape Pod 400 Puffs
OEM/ODM Disposable Vape Pod Device Factory
CE/ROHS Approved Rechargeable Best Selling E-cigarettes
European Ice Max Zgar Disposable Twister Vape Device
Wholesale Disposable Vape Pen Cigarette 10ml Prefilled


ZGAR brand was founded in 2019. Our team is from Hong Kong. From 2012 to 2018, our electronic cig…


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