CEP Elevator Products ( China ) Co., Ltd.


Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo, China

Elevator Total Solutions Contract Manufacturer Custom Manufacturing One-stop Sourcing Elevator Components Supplier Global Elevator Partner Full Elevator Replacement Elevator / Escalator Spare Parts for – New Installations – MAINTENANCE – UPGRADES & REFURBISHMENTS – REPLACEMENTS – MODERNIZATIONS CEP Elevator Products (China) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which specializes in the design, production and marketing of elevator package and elevator components services, and was the first to provide an elevator total solution in the early 1999s in China. Our products include different elevator packages, escalators, moving sidewalks, car parking systems, as well as elevator components & accessories. Up to three new products released every month We have five professional designers with eight years of working experience on average. T…

Elevator Suspension Pulley Elevator Rope Fastening Elevator Steel Wire Rope Elevator Traction Machine Kits & Packages Elevator Buffer Elevator Air Conditioner Elevator Speed Governor Elevator Guide Shoe Elevator Compensation Chain Elevator Fixtures Elevator Door System OTIS Elevator Spare Parts Elevator Complete Control System Elevator Traveling Cable

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