Dongguan Huahui Glass Manufacturing Co.,Ltd


North of Yanhe Road,Xiangxi Village,Shipai Town,, Dongguan, China

Henghui Mirror Group is a large-scale company specializing in the production and processing of high-grade silver mirrors, aluminum mirrors, antique mirrors (antique mirrors), colored mirrors, lead-free copper-free mirrors, solar mirrors, tempered glass and float glass wholesale. Founded in 1985, Henghui Mirror Group is a large-scale glass mirror original film and float glass processing group enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The group has its own registered trademark and brand of [Henghui Mirror Industry". The group has Dongguan Huahui Glass Products Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dongjiang Glass Trading Co., Ltd., Dongguan Xiangxing Tempered Glass Products Co., Ltd., Huizhou Dongjiang Glass Trade Department and many other subsidiaries and departments. Dongguan Huahui Glass Products Co., Ltd. is currently a manufacturer of processing, processing and sales. The company's predecessor, Henghui Glass Craft Factory, was established in 1985. In 2001, it was renamed as Huahui Glass…

Pattern Mirror Antique Mirror Tinted Silver Mirror Clear Silver Mirror Clear Aluminum Mirror

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