3rd Floor, Weiheng Building No.20 B Area, Yangzhou, Jiangsu,China, Yangzhou, China

Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd. (The Brand is Known as YZPST) Proficient Products' list: * Power Thyristors[In Stud & Capsule Packages]: * Phase Control Thyristors, * Inverter thyristors, * Reverse Conducting Thyristors (RCT), * Asymmetric thyristors, * Fast Switching thyristors, * High frequency thyristors, * Welding thyristors, * Solid state relays, * Bi-directional thyristor; * Power Diodes[In Stud, Capsule & Plastic Packages]: * Rectifier diode (Standard diode), * Standard recovery diode, * Fast recovery diodes, * High voltage diode, * Schottky diode, * Welding diode, * Press-Fit diode; * Ceramic Housings * Transitors, Triacs & SCRs: * Triac (two-way SCR), * Snubberless Triac, * MOSFET, SiC MOSFET, * Transistor, * IGBT, * TSS, TVS, * Chips; * Semiconductor Modules: * Thyristor-thyristor modules, * Thyristor-diode modules, * Single diode modules and thyristor modules, * Single-Phase Rectifier Bridge Modules, * Fast R…

BAM Power Transmission Capacitors DCMJ DC Support Capacitors Fast Recovery Diode Silicon TVS / TSS Rectifier Diode(Standard Diode) Damping and Absorption Capacitors Bridge Rectifier Silicon Transistor Asymmetric Thyristor Thyristor Module Bi Directions Thyristor (Triac) Diode Module Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Phase Control Thyristor RAM/RFM electric heating capacitors Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Cement Resistor Metal film resistors

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