Yibin Merry Trading Co. Ltd., founded in 2009, is specialized in textile yarn research and promotion, products mainly include: polyester bicomponent yarn (ITY, SPH, T400, T8 etc) ,polyester Draw texturing yarn ( Germany Barmag and Japan TMT draw texturing machine total 40 sets), polyester fdy(semi-dull, TBR and flat), polyester monofilament yarn( Iron Tube and Paper Tuber), polyester high tenacity yarn and thread (1kg knotless), polyester embroidery thread (1kg knotless), Polyester Twisted yarn ( ITY FDY DTY) , polyester wool-like, cotton-like, Hemp-line Yarn widely used in woven, knitting and other fields, products are exported to more than 20 countries.

Nylon Low Melt Yarn Polyester High Tenacity Thread Polyester Draw Texturing Yarn CDP Polyester Twisted Yarn FDY Polyester Yarn SPH Nylon Mono filament Yarn Polyester Fancy Yarn Cotton Like Polyester Twisted Yarn DTY Polyester Embroidery Thread Colored Polyester Yarn ITY Polyester Full Draw Yarn Semi DulL Polyester Monofilament Yarn Polyester Fancy Yarn Wool Like Polyester Twisted Yarn ITY Polyester Embroidery Thread Raw White

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