Jiangsu Stark New Energy Co.,Ltd


No.26 Weigao Road,Gaoyou Economic Development Zone, Yangzhou, China

Jiangsu Stark New Energy Co., Ltd was established in May 2018. Our company's main business is R&D, production, sales and service of lithium-ion batteries, battery packs and systems. The products cover various material systems such as lithium iron phosphate and ternary. It has a variety of specifications and models of lithium battery products,Meantime we sell lead acid batteries , Solar energy system, wind and solar system application integration. With a high starting point and high-standard positioning, Stark New Energy introduces Stark's advanced automated production equipment, reserves senior professionals in the industry, and deeply cultivates the lithium battery industry. Our company's products are widely used in large-scale smart grids, micro-grids, households, communications and other energy storage systems; pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and other vehicle power systems; backup power supplies, mobile power supplies and other fields. Stark New Energy will gradually…

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